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WASTE WATER TREATMENT Domestic Wastewater can be broadly classified into grey water and black water. Grey water is the output from bathrooms and the kitchen. Black water includes the waste discharged from the toilets. 

Many cities today use a lot of water for gardening and for other non-potable purposes such as flushing the toilets. Grey water unfortunately is connected to sewage lines and a large quantity of water goes waste, being further contaminated with toilet and other industrial discharges. This not only is a burden to the Municipalities' wastewater treatment systems but also is a waste of our natural resource, which today is a precious commodity in many cities.

Grey water can be treated in homes with a small investment and a simple system of stone-gravel filter associated with plants such as the Canna indica. These systems can be designed for single apartments (SAI) to multiple apartments (MAI). 

The water that is treated can be safely used for gardening purposes and in larger installations can be redirected for use in flushing the toilets.

Generally an area of one square meter may be required to treat one kilolitre of water.
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