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Organic farming does not mean just addition of manure but a set of practices. One such practice is to use plant protection sprays against pests and for pest control. 

Vermiwash is an excellent foliar spray when diluted to 10% and sprayed on plants early morning or late evening. This can also be mixed as vermiwash: cow's urine: water in the ratio 1: 1: 2 and used effectively to also check the pests. Vermiwash has also been observed to be very effective when mixed with Panjakaavia.

Panjakaavia is one important method which has been propagated by Dr Natarajan of Kodumudi. This is prepared by mixing five important ingredients obtained from the caw, which includes urine, dung, milk, curd and ghee. These ingredients are further mixed with tender coconut water, sugar-cane juice and ripe bananas. The preparation after maturation period is diluted to 3% with water and is used as a foliar spray. This works well in making the plants disease resistant.

Several plants such as Azadirachta indica, Pongamia glabra, Calotropis sp, etc, have potential insect repellant properties in them. Extracts of these as well as common plants such as Ginger, Garlic, Onion, are also used in pest control. 

Organic sprays if used in higher concentrations can also damage plants. It is therefore essential that the user when prepares the botanicals sprays his preparation on a few plants and monitor them for one or two days to see whether they char. If they char then the solution needs further dilution, else it should be safe for spray.

Learn to spray on the underside of the leaves as insects mostly shelter themselves on the underside of the leaves.
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