Ecoscience Research Foundation "Earthworm is the pulse of the soil,
healthier the pulse healthier the soil"
The Trust shall be of a Public Non Profit making charitable nature having no commercial or profit motive. The properties, money and income of the Trust shall be applied solely for the purposes set out hereunder.

The Principal Office of the Foundation for the present shall be at "Pearl", Plot No.98, in Baaz Nagar, 3/621 (Old No 3/239), East Coast Road, Chennai 600041, India, but may be located or shifted to such other place as the Board of Trustees in office may determine from time to time. 

The fundamental objective of the Research Foundation is 
  1. To carry on research in life sciences, environmental and developmental issues including but not limited to
    1. Soil biology and ecology
    2. Vermicology and vermitech
    3. Environmental issues
    4. Developmental issues
    5. Toxicology
    6. Food and nutrition
    7. Organic farming
    8. Animal welfare

  2. To establish research, training and educational institutions to carry out the objectives of the trust.

  3. To disseminate the research findings through workshops, seminars, conferences, training programmes, publications

  4. To work towards improvement of the quality of life of the common man by taking up
    1. Social and developmental issues
    2. Child education
    3. Environmental awareness & education
    4. Waste management
    5. Research
    6. Support and espouse the cause of consumers and create consumer awareness and organising consumer movements.
    7. To work for communal and religious harmony
    8. Any other social service activity of lasting benefit to the society.

  5. Provide advisory consultancy for any environmental or social projects, including
    1. Conducting Environmental Impact Assessment,
    2. Environmental surveys
    3. Environmental resource mapping
    4. Comparative risk assessment
    5. Establishing waste management and recycling facilities

  6. To open, establish and maintain reading rooms, library, Information Technology centres for the advancement, facilitation of research and Trust objectives, publish, print research papers, books, periodicals, journals, newsletters etc.
  • Awareness cum demonstration on land preparation
  • Soil and its nature
  • Soil as a living component
  • Soil biota
  • Mulching
  • Water management
  • Water retention mechanisms
  • Compost preparation
    • Anaerobic
      • Pit method
    • Aerobic
      • Biodung composting
      • Nadep
      • Basket compost
      • Vermicompost
        • Local earthworms
        • Exotic varieties
  • Pest repellents
    • Neem, Karanj, Calotropis, Aloe Vera, Tulsi, Lantana, etc etc
    • Preparation with compost heat
    • Cow's urine
  • Liquid foliar sprays
    • Vermiwash
    • Panjkavia
    • Biogas slurry utilisation
  • Local biomass
  • Seed collection
  • Seed preservation
    • Local seed banks
  • Storage of grains
  • Marketing
  • Gram Seva Sanghs
  • Self Help Groups
  • Assistance
  • Training
  • Extension 
  • Food and nutrition
  • Health Care & Hygiene
  • Literacy
  • Animal Husbandry
  • Ayurvedic medicines for ailments in cattle
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